As trade show cities and touristic centers, Cologne and Bonn offer a wide range of accommodation types, from basic hostels to luxury hotels.


If the proximity to the venue is particularly important to you, it is recommended to book a hotel close to the University of Bonn. Bookings made via the website 'Bonn-Region' include a VSR ticket, which will allow you to travel free of charge between Cologne and Bonn for your entire stay. In case you need further assitance, you can also contact Mrs. Isengard: or +49 (0)2 28/ 910 41 33.


If you prefer accommodations in the heart of the old city of Cologne, the website 'HRS' offers a wide range of hotels, located close to the Guerzenich, where the welcome event will take place. Booking via the attached link will include the KölnCard, which will allow you to travel with local public transportation for 24 hours free of charge. It also includes a 50% discount with several partners of KölnCard.

A low-cost alternative are hostels as well as camping sites in and around Cologne.