The congress is structured into 12 sessions and subdivided into panels organised by topic that consist of maximum five papers each. A regular panel will last two hours, a double panel four hours and a triple panel six hours. Individual papers have 20 minutes speaking time. At the end of each panel there will be a scheduled discussion for 20 minutes.

Please check the list of sessions and panels.


Organisers: The organisers are also the chairs of the corresponding panels. They were actively involved in the choice and invitation of the speakers as well as the evaluation of the contribution applications. They will present the panel and the speakers shortly and will ensure the allowed duration of the presentation (20 min per presentation).

Discussant: The discussants will first provide a (short) related contribution to the previous presentations and will moderate a discussion between the speakers and the audience.

Chairs in panels without organisers: The chairs of the panels that were formed at a later time will partially take over some of the responsibilities of the organiser by introducing the speakers and the order of the presentations.

Practical execution:

Each auditorium will be attended by a student assistant and will be equipped with a laptop, a projector, a USB flash drive, as well as a laser pointer. These students will help the panel organisers and chairs with questions and support the smooth conduction of the presentations.