The first volumes of the Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology Cologne/Bonn have already been published. Altogether there will be 52 volumes of single panels. At the end of the publication process a bundle version including all panels and posters will be made available. The sequence in which the volumes will be published follows the order of full submission.
You can find the series on the website of “Propylaeum” in Heidelberg: https://books.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/propylaeum/catalog/series/aiac2018.

A complete list of all volumes of the Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology Cologne/Bonn is available.

All volumes are published in digital form as Open Access PDFs, and can be downloaded for free. If you or your library wish to purchase them as a printed book you can order them online on the publisher's homepage or from book retailers. Authors and editors of single volumes receive a 50% reduction for the print version if they order via congress@aiac2018.de.
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Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions: congress@aiac2018.de.

Published volumes:

Volume 8
Eleni Hasaki – Martin Bentz (eds.),
Reconstructing Scales of Production in the Ancient Greek World: Producers, Processes, Products, People
Panel 3.4

Volume 9
Jean-Pierre Brun – Nicolas Garnier – Gloria Olcese (eds.),
A. Making Wine in Western-Mediterranean B. Production and the Trade of Amphorae: Some New Data from Italy
Panel 3.5

Volume 14
Michael Herdick – Angelika Hunold – Holger Schaaff (eds.),
Pre-modern Industrial Districts
Panel 3.12

Volume 17
Annalisa Marzano (ed.), 
Villas, Peasant Agriculture, and the Roman Rural Economy
Panel 3.15

Volume 19
Maria Elisa Micheli – Anna Santucci (eds.),
Luce in contesto. Rappresentazioni, produzioni e usi della luce nello spazio antico / Light in Context. Representation, Production and Use of Light in Ancient Spaces
Panel 3.17

Volume 20
Arne Reinhardt (ed.),
Strictly Economic? Ancient Serial Production and its Premises
Panel 3.18

Volume 21
Elena H. Sánchez López (ed.),
The Role of Water in Production Processes in Antiquity
Panel 3.19

Volume 22
Renate Thomas (ed.),
Local Styles or Common Pattern Books in Roman Wall Painting and Mosaics
Panel 3.22

Volume 23
Michael Heinzelmann – Cathalin Recko (eds.), 
Quantifying Ancient Building Economy
Panel 3.24

Volume 26
Adalberto Ottati – Maria Serena Vinci (eds.),
From the Quarry to the Monument. The Process behind the Process: Design and Organization of the Work in Ancient Architecture
Panel 4.3

Volume 30
Verena Gassner (ed.), 
Regional Exchange of Ceramics – Case Studies and Methodology
Panel 5.7

Volume 33
Elon D. Heymans – Marleen K. Termeer (eds.),
Politics of Value: New Approaches to Early Money and the State
Panel 5.11

Volume 35
Eugenia Equini Schneider (ed.), 
Men, Goods and Ideas Travelling over the Sea. Cilicia at the Crossroad of Eastern Mediterranean Trade Network
Panel 5.16

Volume 39
Enrico Giorgi – Giuseppe Lepore – Anna Gamberini (eds.), 
Boundaries Archaeology: Economy, Sacred Places, Cultural Influences in the Ionian and Adriatic Areas
Panel 7.3

Volume 41
Giuseppe Lepore – Luigi Maria Caliò (eds.),
Agrigento: Archaeology of an Ancient City. Urban Form, Sacred and Civil Spaces, Productions, Territory
Panel 8.2

Volume 42
Miko Flohr – Nicolas Monteix (eds.),
Shops, Workshops and Urban Economic History in the Roman World
Panel 8.3

Volume 43
Rinse Willet (ed.),
The Economics of Urbanism in the Roman East
Panel 8.4

Volume 44
Achim Lichtenberger – Oren Tal – Zeev Weiss (eds.), 
Judaea/Palaestina and Arabia: Cities and Hinterlands in Roman and Byzantine Times
Panel 8.6

Volume 45
Javier Andreu Pintado (ed.),
From splendidissima ciuitas to oppidum labens: Financial Problems and Material Ruin in Roman Provincial Cities at the End of the High-Empire. The Hispanic Provinces
Panel 8.7

Volume 46
Marion Brüggler – Julia Obladen-Kauder – Harry van Enckevort (eds.),
Town-Country Relations in the Northern Parts of Germania inferior from an Economic Perspective
Panel 8.9

Volume 52
Eva Mol – Lisa Lodwick (eds.),
AIAC-Round Table Discussion. Diversity in the Past, Diversity in the Present? Issues of Gender, Whiteness, and Class in ‘Classical’ Archaeology
Panel 12.10