Appeal for Sponsors

The International Congress of Classical Archaeology is the most important and most widely renowned exchange forum for the archaeology and culture of the ancient Mediterranean world and the Roman Empire. The focus is on Greek and Roman civilization, but also on all neighbouring cultures such as, for example, the Etruscans and Phoenicians. The International Congress of Classical Archaeology is a non-commercial event purely in the service of scientific exchange. More than 1000 participants from throughout the world are anticipated. The International Congress of Classical Archaeology has always attracted extensive public and media attention.

The primary aim of the congress is to enable as large a number scientists, students and interested laypersons as possible to take part. This also applies in particular for young up-and-coming scientists and students from structurally poorer countries or crisis regions (Eastern Europe, Balkans, Near East and Northern Africa). We are therefore particularly seeking sponsors in order to support these groups of persons specifically in the form of travel cost subsidies.

During its history of more than a hundred years, the International Congress of Classical Archaeology has been held only twice in Germany so far (Berlin in 1939 and 1988).

The privilege of organizing it for the third time in Cologne/Bonn in 2018 is an immense honour and challenge. It simultaneously provides the opportunity to present Germany as a scientific location generally, and the Rhineland as a particularly tradition-steeped archaeological region specifically, to a large international research community.

Due to scarce resources, the congress is reliant upon external support. We would therefore be very grateful for donations of any kind, be they from institutions, companies or private individuals. In particularly, we are asking for travel cost subsidies for participants from poorer regions. As a charitable organization, we are also able to issue tax-deductible donation receipts.

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