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Famous Archeological Findings of the Ancient World

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Humans have occupied the world for time immemorial. Although the modernization of industries, tools, and techniques has shaped us to a certain extent, their invention began with ancient humans, some of which are followed by us even today. Some significant findings of archeologists are mentioned below that depict and tickle the mind to imagine the lifestyle, eating, hunting, and other habits of the ancient world.

The dead sea scrolls

It lies near Khirbet Wumran, an ancient settlement of people found on the West Bank. As the name suggests, the dead sea scrolls are a collection of 800 manuscripts found in caves 2km from the death scenes. Archeologists and historians discovered these to be Hebrew Scriptures that were written 700 years before the birth of Jesus. It highlights the origin of the Bible and the involvement of different sects of people responsible for putting them together.

Altamira cave

These Spanish caves are examples of beautiful stories by ancient people, which according to historians, follow a combination of archeology and anthropology. They contain different prehistoric events, paintings of humans and animals, etc., discovered by historians in 1880. This discovery opened our minds to the development of painting over generations and the existence of artistic expression in the ancient world.

Altamira cave

Richard Ill’s grave

Richard Ill was the last Plantagenet Kind of England, remembered as a nasty power grabber of England. Despite his notoriety, his death and burial remain a mystery. However, with the help of different archaeological services, human remains were found at the site of Greyfriars Friary Church in Leicester, United Kingdom.

Terracotta Army

It is considered the most breath-taking structure of the ancient world, which comprises terracotta sculptures of the Chinese army of Qin Shi Huang. In recent times, these were considered the mark of the beginning of funeral art, which embarks the emperor’s protection, even after his death. The army was present from the 3rd century BC, with almost 520 horses, 8000 soldiers, and over 130 characters for war. These statues talk about the history of the Chinese army – their weapons, dressing style, uniforms, and many more.


It is an ancient city buried under ashes after a tragic volcanic eruption in 79 AD. The incident killed almost all its inhabitants and turned the city into a graveyard. However, over the years, it has become an archeological site that holds Roman treasures. Today, many archeologists and historians can study the Roman city’s history due to Pompeii’s existence.

Easter Island Moai

Many famous archeologists have worked together to record exactly 887s statues on Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean. These Moai statues were built as a tribute to the people who were its inhabitants between 1250 and 1500. Legends of the Papa Nui tribe used divine power to make these statues walk.