Panel 6.4

Making Value and the Value of Making: Theory and Practice in Craft Production

Day and Time:

Thursday | 24 May | 09:00-13:30


Helle Hochscheid
(University College Roosevelt/Utrecht University)
Ben Russel (Edinburgh University)


  1. Tatiana Ivleva (Newcastle University)
    Making Romano-British glass bangles: Inside the craftsperson mind
  2. Maria Coto-Sarmiento (BSC-Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
    An Agent Based Model to detect variations in the transmission of potters from Baetica province
  3. Ben Russell (University of Edinburgh)
    Stone Carvers and their Working Processes: Problematising the Chaîne Opératoire
  4. Natacha Massar (Royal Museums of Art and History)
    How many craftsmen to prepare an army?
  5. Ann Brysbaert (Leiden University)
    Crafting as making, thinking and being (together)
  6. Helle Hochscheid (University College Roosevelt/Utrecht University)
    Owning the stones: materiality, ownership and classical Greek sculpture
  7. Heide Frielinghaus (JGU Mainz)
    Assessment of Value Attribution – the evidence of votive offerings
  8. Gert van Wijngaarden (University of Amsterdam)
    Time and Place in Distance Value. The case of cylinder seals in Bronze Age Greece
  9. Caroline Cheung (University of California, Berkeley)
    Precious Pots: Making and Repairing Dolia
  10. William Wootton (King's College London)
    The value of surfaces: the experience of making and the making of experience


Robert Sobak (Bowdoin College)