Panel 6.1

Culinary traditions in an entangled world: continuities, innovations and hybridizations in Mediterranean culinary practices (8th – 5th centuries BC)

Day and Time:

Saturday | 26 May | 09:00-13:30


Ana Delgado Hervás and Meritxell Ferrer
(Universitat Pompeu Fabra)


  1. Meritxell Ferrer and Ana Delgado Hervás (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
    Foodscapes and culinary traditions: continuities, innovations and hybridizations in the culinary practices of Emporion’s Neapolis, northeast Catalonia (6th-4th centuries BC)
  2. Birgit Öhlinger (Universität Innsbruck)
    The communal meal as "social technique" in a changing world of Archaic Sicily
  3. Ana María Niveau-de-Villedary (University of Cadiz, Spain)
    Daily consumption and ritual commensality: social contact settings at the beginning of the Phoenician presence in central and western Mediterranean (9th-8th centuries BC)
  4. Eva Miguel Gascón (University of Barcelona)
    Introduction of wine consumption in the Northeastern Iberian Peninsula communities at the Early Iron Age: adaptation, changes and innovations in the local hand-made pottery assamblages
  5. Francesca Spatafora (Polo di Palermo per i Parchi e i Musei Archeologici)
    Alimentary habits and cooking of foods in protohistorical and archaic Sicily
  6. Anne-Marie Curé
    Into the middle-ground? Multidisciplinary approach of consumption practices in La Monédière (Bessan, Southern France) (6th-5th centuries BC)
  7. Ariadna Nieto-Espinet and Silvia Valenzuela Lamas (CSIC- IMF)
    Cooking Greek and eating Greek? Multisite comparison of culinary practices the Western Mediterranean in Iron Age based on zooarchaeological remains
  8. Anne Sieverling (Technische Universität Darmstadt)
    Nutrition habits in early Akarnania
  9. Paola Cavaliere
    L'alimentazione nella Sardegna punica: il caso di Olbia
  10. Sara Giardino
    Foreign pottery shapes in the Phoenician ceramic repertoire of the Central and Western Mediterranean