Ana Portillo Gómez and Manuel Dionisio Ruiz Bueno (Universidad de Córdoba), Considerations about the costs of the polychrome decoration and the constructive materials of the temple of Divus Augustus at Colonia Patricia (Córdoba, Spain)

Our proposal is focused on the valuation of the pictorial materials used in the decoration of the colossal temple that dominated the provincial forum of the capital of Baetica, as well as on the typology of the imported and regional materials used in this building. Our aim is to evaluate the factors that contribute in the use of polychomy and its direct consequences in the economy of the building costs which fluctuate according to the origin and nature of the pigments used. We will take into account the use of other materials for the decoration of the temple of Divus Augustus at Córdoba, such as the gold-coloured painting of some architectonical elements, which increased the final cost and the value of the building. In relation to the construction materials used in the temple of Divus Augustus, we will study other features which increased the cost of the building, such as their typology and origin, or the number and type of services required, that is, the volume of the materials needed, the extraction of the stone from the quarry, the rough down of the pieces, its transportation, the carving work by specialized workers. Taking the temple of Divus Augustus of Colonia Patricia into consideration, we would like to bring new ideas to this discussion. Our main goal is to provide new information about the final steps of the building process of these monumental constructions, the color application and its cost.